Should I have Website or Landing Page?

Should I have Website or Landing Page?

A lot of people ask… Should I have a multiple page website or a landing page ?

Hey everyone it’s Tyler from Instinct, welcome back. Let’s Dive In.

Really, you should have both, and for different reasons. 

Your website is your online store front. It’s the face of your business.. online. This website should be linked in your social media, on your google business page, and within the organic results of search engines.. 

And, a landing page is used as the outbound link for your advertising. This is where you’ll be sending customers from your google ads, facebook ads, or email automations. And your landing page should have 1 clear objective or call to action. Sending a custom to a multiple page website tends to have a lower conversion rate, mainly because there are too many options and no clear objectives. We call this the Netflix paradox; similar to when you’re scrolling through Netflix and don’t know what to watch because there’s simply too many options. 

Your landing page should have one clear objective or call to action. Really limiting those options, so customers only have one choice to make. This should be to either book a call, opt in, or make a purchase.

From there, enter your customer into your email automation sequence to get back in front of them. Make sure you have your pixels installed so you can retarget customers with google display ads and facebook retargeting. Remember, customers need to see your business between 10 and 20 times before making a buying decision.


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