Should I advertise on facebook?

Should I advertise on facebook?

“I have 10, 000 followers on my facebook business page, should I advertise on facebook?”

You could have 100,000 followers and I would still tell you to advertise on Facebook, and for a couple of reasons. Advertising on facebook has many advantages that you’re probably unaware of. But first, let’s start with the basics.

1) Posts are no longer chronological.

Facebook and Instagram used to show content chronologically, however, they changed their algorithm to show content based on engagement. Which means, if as a user, you actively engage with someone, you’ll see their posts first. That being said, it’s not always the case.

So what facebook will do is show your content to say 10% of your followers, and from there, as other users like, comment or engage with your content, Facebook looks at that post and says “hey, people like this, lets show it to more people”, however if it’s not a lot of engagement, your post will lose momentum really fast.

So, even though you have 10,000 followers, your reach per post may be as little as 100, or it could be 1,000, which is still only 10% of your active followers.

So what facebook and instagram wants you to do, is BOOST your post to reach more of your followers… 

2) You’re only reaching facebook users.

These followers are only on facebook… so when you’re make a post on your facebook business page, you’re only reaching a select few users on facebook. When you advertise through the Facebook ad manager, you’re able to reach potential prospects across multiple platforms within the facebook audience network. That includes facebook, instagram, other social media platforms and websites.

3) Advertising on facebook allows you to select platforms and placement

The ad manager allows you to select your placement, wether that’s in the desktop news feed, instagram news feed, story feed, audience network feeds, as well as facebook messenger, facebook right side bar (I do not recommended selecting that as placement,  users subconsciously ignore that).

4) You’ll reach more potential customers advertising on facebook ad manager

Say your reach is 500 on a single post, out of those 10,000 followers. Let’s compare. Another business we work with has 1000 followers on facebook. However they advertise using the facebook ad manager. They spend about an average $30/day, and from that, some days they reach 12,000 users, some days they reach 22,000 users. Now this month alone  they’ve had about 1,200 clicks, with an average CPC or Cost per Click at 73 cents. From those 1,200 clicks, they’ve generated about 1000 leads, and converted 130 new customers. So they’ve spent close to $1,000 this month, and acquired 130 new customers.

5) You should advertise on facebook using the facebook ad manager

So yes, you should absolutely advertise on facebook, whether you have 100 followers, 10,000 followers, or 100,000 followers. It’s about reaching and acquiring new clients or customers, not only advertising to the current ones who already follow you.

I hope that helps provide some clarity. Thanks for reading, send us your questions to info@instincteducation.com.au or comment them below, and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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We’ll catch you next time. 

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