How-To-Guide To Running Facebook Ads

How-To-Guide To Running Facebook Ads

We often talk to business owners who are running Facebook Ads, but aren’t sure if they are doing it correctly. 

We’re running $1000’s on ads a day across all different industries and are seeing the trends, so here are a few tips that may help!

1) If you’re product/service sucks, don’t spend money on FB ads
Oh, and if you’re product/service is just okay, or just good, don’t spend money on FB ads. Sorry to break the bad news to you, but you need an awesome product or service to make real money. FB ads aren’t magic, if you’re product/service isn’t awesome, better work on that first.

2) Contextualising works very well

Running one ad to a wide audience is what people used to do on TV because it was too expensive to do anything different, on Facebook you can target specific groups of people, so take advantage of it and make your ad speak to that group! If you’re targeting females aged 21-30, use copy and creative that speaks to them, if you’re targeting males aged 45-60, use images of males aged 45-60 and write in the language they would speak in – the extra effort is well worth the return.

3) Following on from point 2, never just run one ad!
We run 4-5 different ads per audience. And by different, I mean completely different, creative and text and headlines! EVERYTHING different. And then I let Facebook find the winner. And let me tell you something, you WILL be surprised which ad gets the most conversions. So, challenge yourself to create 4-5 entirely unique ads!

4) Make the target audience feel unique

I try not to show the same ad to the same people twice. How do I do this? I set up a Custom Audience of users who hit the specific web page that the ad is linking to…. then I EXCLUDE that audience from the Ad Set… So, as the ad runs, if a user clicks and goes to the web page, they will become part of that excluded group and not see the ad again.

Now, I don’t forget about those people… I just retarget them with a different Ad Set that only targets “Facebook Ad Engagers” which you can set up in your Custom Audiences as well. So, they get a new message next time around…more like ‘hey did you forget to check-out’ etc.

5) Duplicate the winners, don’t scale up.

You never want to double or triple the ad spend of a winning ad, Facebook will need to recalculate its targeting and it may ruin the ad set. Instead duplicate the ad with a slightly different budget. (Eg if you have one at $50/day, duplicate it at $49.34, and another at $51.65 etc)

If you would like more info, get in contact today!

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