How To Write Ads That Sell

How To Write Ads That Sell

One thing that we are a big believer in, is having quality copy (the text you use) in your ads online.

In a world where literally anyone can pay to put their ad in front 1000’s of people instantly, what makes you stand out and get noticed is not so much what you say – but how you say it. 

In fact, over and over again we are able to get 2, 5, even 10x cheaper leads, sales and conversions, simply by improving the copy of an ad. 

That is why we have put together a free training video for you, where we pull back the curtin on the exact process and formula we use when writing copy for ads. 

This is something that has taken 1000’s of hours of research and work to develop, and has made a huge difference for our business, as well as for our clients.

The steps are:

1 – Identify the target audience

2 – Identify the problem

3 – Agitate the problem

4 – Offer a ‘What if’ solution

5 – Introduce your product/service

6 – Connect the benefits to the solution/desired outcome

7 – Results/Social proof

8 – State the offer

9 – Guarantee/Risk aversion

10 -Add scarcity

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